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This market engagement is now closed.

A secure, effective and inclusive identity service is a critical part of the pensions dashboards ecosystem. Prior to commencing procurement of the required service, we are looking to engage with identity providers to gather insight and validate our early thinking on requirements.

Why are we publishing this Request for Information?

During the Programme’s discovery phase, the Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) has engaged with internal and external stakeholders to identify options for consideration and to inform implementation of the identity service for pensions dashboards. This has included the overall approach to security, inclusion and accessibility as well as the possible identity verification mechanism.

Who should read and respond to this Request for Information?

We would like to engage with potential identity providers to request information to help enable us to further refine our requirements. Through this market engagement exercise we are seeking to get a better understanding of the potential identity verification supplier market and to validate identity providers approaches to our key challenges.

How to respond

The identity market engagement is now closed.

The PDP issued this market engagement notice via GOV.UK Contracts Finder to raise awareness in the wider market of the potential future procurement activity for the identity verification service.

Please note, information gathered during this process including any RFI responses, will not be scored or used to pre-select or prohibit suppliers from participating in any future formal procurement process. Any competitive tender opportunity will be advertised as per the Public Contracts Regulations (PCR 2015) guidelines through a compliant route to market.

Further information

Details on the identity service requirements and market engagement process can be viewed in the Request for information supporting document.

If you have any questions about this market engagement, or you would like to respond via email please contact [email protected].


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