Published by: Michael Wheeler  

If your organisation intends to create or provide a pensions dashboard and would like to take part in the initial (alpha) test phase, which will help refine the process of connecting a pensions dashboard to the PDP digital ecosystem, please complete the questionnaire and return it to: [email protected] by 5pm on Friday 5 November.  

Download questionnaire

Sign up to a webinar for support with your application 

We will run two webinars, on 18 and 21 October, to further explain the application process pack and answer any additional questions. 

Sign up to the 18 October dashboard provider application webinar

Sign up to the 21 October dashboard provider application webinar

Application timeline 

The closing date for receipt of completed applications is Friday 5 November at 5pm

PDP will announce which dashboard providers will take part in the testing by the end of November 2021.  

Provided they meet the criteria, there may be scope for dashboard providers not selected in the first round, to participate during later test phases. 

Download questionnaire