Focusing on consumer needs

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The Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) will need to work with consumers to reassure them that we are taking action to mitigate any concerns around using dashboards. This will involve clear communication about the measures we are taking to:

  • design and build a secure system
  • comply with GDPR and other legislation
  • provide their pensions information in a clear and comprehensible way via dashboards

PDP has established a consumers workstream within the programme, specifically to address this issue. It is at an early planning stage in summer 2021 but it will work collaboratively with our delivery partners to align communications as we approach the period when dashboards will be publicly available.

Our colleagues in the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) specialise in consumer support and information, so we will work closely with them on any communications.

In the meantime, our user-experience (UX) research work is ongoing. This research will feed into service and design standards, as well as identifying the most appropriate communication channels for our messaging to consumers.

Part of the UX research process involves iterative testing to determine what sits on front-end dashboards. Through this ongoing research we can determine how best to ensure that users understand what’s there and if not, are pointed to appropriate sources of information, guidance and advice.

We will undertake further engagement on consumer protection with consumer groups and potential dashboard users as the programme develops. However, we would welcome feedback from interested stakeholders on the measures we’re undertaking and whether there are further measures we should consider.

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