2. Actions for pension providers

Data standards

Get your data dashboard-ready

We’re calling on pension providers to review and prepare their data, in order to ensure that they are ready for onboarding to pensions dashboards. Given the volume of data involved, it is prudent to prepare now.

Understanding which data elements will form part of the data standards and aligning their data in advance, means that providers will be well placed to meet their forthcoming compulsory staged onboarding from 2023 onwards.

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Actions for pension providers

Find (match) data

  • work with your administration system function to understand what personal data items (eg name, date of birth etc) are most appropriate, for your scheme, to match on
  • ensure all pensions for which you are responsible are recorded digitally, with your chosen match personal data items accurately in place

View data

Administrative data
  • ensure you can return correct information for all the data items relating to pension type (see more detail in the usage guide) and that you hold the required information
  • plan how you would like dashboard users to interact with you, so that you can return the most appropriate contact information when needed
Pension income data
  • ensure you can return information on an individual’s estimated retirement income amount (ERI), along with the calculation date and the date payable, in accordance with existing disclosure regulations

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5. Collaborating to create data standards

1. An introduction to data standards

Data standards guide


Further information on data standards

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