6. Ecosystem: dashboard providers' responsibilities

Unlike pension providers, which will have legal duties to connect to the dashboards ecosystem and provide pensions information via dashboards, provision of a pensions dashboard is voluntary. That said, any party wishing to create a dashboard and connect to the ecosystem will be subject to specific requirements.

Dashboard provider requirements

Connect to the ecosystem

  • register interfaces with the governance register
  • register software with the consent and authorisation service
  • comply with PDP service standards, specifications and technical requirements (including security and safety technology, notification and reporting requirements)

Comply with interface standards

  • ensure all interfaces comply with the PDP standards

Implement the UMA profile

  • implement the user managed access (UMA) specification, related to the role of dashboard provider

Receive and resolve PeI

  • the dashboard will make a HTTP GET request to the data provider’s view endpoint by dereferencing the PeI, which resolves into a URL

Initiate view requests

  • implement the interface to initiate view requests and receive pension details


  • meet regulatory and monitoring requirements

Further detail is available for all of these requirements within the Architecture brief for suppliers and the January 2022 versions of the technical standards and the code of connection scope. We expect the Jan 2022 standards to iterate, to include learnings from our initial test phase.

Pensions dashboard providers will not be required to:

  • verify the identity of dashboards users (or their authorised delegates) requesting their pensions information, as the central digital architecture’s identity service will ensure that only individuals whose identity has been proven will be able to use the ecosystem
  • obtain user consents for processing identity data to search internal records or to return pensions information to dashboards