3. Ecosystem: data providers IT infrastructure

Prior to onboarding to the pensions dashboards ecosystem, data providers need to ensure their data is dashboard-ready. This means ensuring that it is as accurate and current as possible, as well as being digitally accessible.

Data providers will need to develop a find interface and a view interface that will connect to the pensions dashboards ecosystem.

We will provide a reference build for each interface and make that available for review to support providers in creating their own find and view interfaces. These reference build interfaces will be available in Winter 2021, following the onboarding of our digital architecture supplier.

Ecosystem standards

The Pensions Dashboards Programme is responsible for developing the technical, data and security standards that data providers will need to adhere to. In many cases, the detail of these standards is dependent on the outcome of our digital architecture procurement, which is due to conclude this Autumn.

Where standards are in development, we have a roadmap to create them and dates for when we expect to have an update. We have listed the relevant standards, their current status and when we expect there to be an update in the table below.

Standard typeStatusUpdate expected
datafirst iteration of data elements completewinter 2021
technicalin developmentwinter 2021
securityin developmentwinter 2021