2. Ecosystem: process flows

You can find out more about how data will move through the ecosystem in our pages about find data and view data in the section on data standards.

This diagram below illustrates some of the data flow through the ecosystem.

1) Find

  • users start at a dashboard of their choosing (this could be the public service pensions dashboard which will be provided by the Money and Pensions Service, or it could be an authorised commercial dashboard)
  • dashboards hand off to the consent and authorisation service to initiate find requests and receive responses to such requests via that service
  • the consent and authorisation service interacts with the identity service to authenticate the user

If the user does not have a currently proven identity, the identity service proves the identity of the user.

If the user is a delegate, it also attests to their status as an adviser or guidance official.

  • the consent and authorisation service solicits consent from the user and may gather self-asserted information to supplement their proven identity attributes for the find process
  • the consent and authorisation service initiates the pension finder service (PFS), which sends out the find data to data providers for the purpose of searching internal records and locating any matching pensions
  • data providers respond to the consent and authorisation service, creating a unique pension identifier (PeI) for each found pension, and registering it with the consent and authorisation service, so that it can control subsequent authorisation of accesses and manage user consents. It reduces the need for a re-find, which also provides a smoother journey for the user, when returning to the dashboard

2) View

  • dashboards use these PeIs generated in response to successful finds (via the consent and authorisation service) to initiate requests for details of a pension by a direct call to the relevant data provider
  • as a result of such a request from a dashboard to a data provider, the consent and authorisation service is involved to authorise the access based on the user’s current consents
  • if the view request is authorised, the view interface then retrieves the user’s pension information (view data) from internal systems and returns it for temporary display on their dashboard

There is further technical detail available in our data standards guide.