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Dashboard providers

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) will create a pensions dashboard, as required by government. We expect other organisations to create dashboards, as permitted by The Pension Schemes Act 2021. All these dashboards must meet the qualifying conditions that government will set in regulations.

Government has committed to making the provision of a qualifying pensions dashboard a regulated activity under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA). Once it makes the appropriate legislative change, any organisation that wishes to provide a qualifying pension dashboard must obtain FCA authorisation to do so.
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As PDP moves into the develop and test phase of the programme, we are increasing our engagement with potential dashboard providers. We have created a dashboard providers hub on our website, which provides information and support with onboarding potential dashboard providers to the ecosystem. We will update this guidance regularly, as we gather further information and learn from our testing process.

In September, we started the selection process of possible dashboard providers to take part in our initial alpha testing of the ecosystem, which will begin in December this year. The MaPS dashboard will be part of this stage of testing and we will select up to three other potential dashboard providers to work with us during the alpha testing phase. We also started planning for how further participants can take part in the second, beta phase, of testing.

Following their selection, we will start working with the alpha-phase dashboard providers to prepare them for early onboarding to the dashboards ecosystem in early 2022, in order to test the connectivity of the system.

What's next?

We will make a testing environment available for those organisations that are interested in exploring the service, to develop and refine their proposition in a safe environment, before applying for authorisation from the FCA. 

Consumer protection, including the safety of users’ data remains at the forefront of our testing activity. And the insights from our testing will help inform the FCA’s rules for authorised dashboard providers, which it will consult on next year.

We are committed to an open sharing of any insights gained from testing during the alpha phase, together with any updates on the design guidance and technical standards.

Development of a user-centred design

PDP is committed to developing a user-centred design (UCD) for dashboard services, to ensure that consumers will have a positive user experience that is efficient and effective. 

A central part of this involves developing design standards and guidance from a service design process, so that pensions dashboards will fully answer users’ needs. These design principles will ensure a uniformity of experience, irrespective of which dashboard an individual chooses to use.
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User research

Our interviews with potential dashboard users started in July and are ongoing. The user research covers a number of different topics, which all feed into the development of the service.

We undertook an information architecture project and some usability testing, to ensure that users understand the terminology we use on dashboards.

In order to develop the design standards, we will continue to undertake user research to understand dashboard users’ needs: for example, what would make the dashboard service easy to use and what is the best way to present information in a clear and unambiguous way. The results of this research will feed into the service design.

We have built a prototype to help us understand the user needs, which we will test with users. This is not a full system but instead a series of visual mock-ups, which allows us to test how users find and interpret information, in order to feed this back into the overall design.

Our user research also allows us to test key design and display questions, such as estimated retirement income (ERI), for example. We have started to work with the user to help us understand how we can present projected pensions in way that is clearly understood by the user, as well as how we can deal with gaps and delays in pensions information being presented to the user.

We also carry out programme research, which feeds into our wider understanding of attitudes towards pensions dashboards. You can read about this in our Programme research and insight section.  

What's next?

We will continue our user research, to test different presentations of information and feed that into the service design. Having established the user needs, PDP will test the full prototype with users. This is an iterative process and analysis of the usability testing will feed back into the design, to inform the development of the central digital architecture.

We will undertake comprehensive iterative testing to ensure our design standards meet user needs.

We will continue to work with the Usability Working Group and external stakeholders on development of the design standards and share findings on the dashboard providers’ hub.

Usability Working Group

The Usability Working Group has met monthly over the past year, to focus on user needs. As the programme develops and moves into the develop and test phase for the central digital architecture, we are reviewing the structure and purpose of this group.

What’s next?

Now that our work has moved into the user research and usability prototype testing, we are hoping to welcome new members, who will be able to contribute with their specific experience in these areas.

If you have specific experience in these areas that you wish to share, please contact for more information.

MaPS dashboard development

PDP continues to work closely with the MaPS teams building the front-end dashboard. In July, the MaPS team published its qualitative research, which complements the PDP research work and explored:

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attitudes, behaviours, needs and expectations of potential dashboard users

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what consumers would want to do upon seeing dashboards to inform customer journey design

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what additional guidance and support users need beyond a view of their pensions data

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how open users would be to creating a profile

MaPS dashboard progress

Since May, the MaPS dashboard team has completed:

  • the build of the customer journey map (to identify customer needs and pinch points by touchpoint)
  • definition of the service blueprint, the customer end to end journey
  • the landing page design and consumer testing cycle for alpha
  • the collection of MaPS business requirements for the customer log-in and registration journey

Following MaPS and DWP business case approval, we started procurement of API gateway, identity and alpha build services. We signed contracts in September and started onboarding suppliers in early October.

At the end of September, we commenced commercial activity to procure data governance services, which will enable MaPS to provide assurance on all data handled through the PDP program.

Over the coming weeks the team will focus on designing the supporting information pages on the alpha site and pensions dashboard environment concept design and supplier selection, contract negotiation and onboarding activities.

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