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Foreword from Chris Curry

Change is all around us at the Pensions Dashboards Programme. With the appointment of Capgemini with Origo to supply our digital architecture, we have moved from the initial mobilisation, to the develop and test phase of the programme. Our core team of over 40 people, plus colleagues in the Money and Pensions Service, now works alongside the supplier team, making this a sizeable enterprise.

As the size and shape of the programme changes, we need to change how we work within it. Richard James, our new Programme Director has had to hit the ground running, overseeing the procurement process as well as restructuring the way the team works, to suit this new phase.

PDP continues to undergo significant scrutiny – both official and unofficial. We received a favourable report from the government’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) review over the summer, which examined the full programme, with a focus on the business case for the central digital architecture. The report described our timeline as ‘ambitious’ but with the right team in place to achieve it.

Pensions dashboards are ambitious and PDP is a complex programme that requires support from industry, government and the regulators. That’s why it’s so great to see positive collaboration taking place already, with the seven major pensions organisations that signed up to take part in our initial testing phase. Their contribution will help streamline the onboarding process, to improve the process of connecting to dashboards for other providers and schemes.

We fully recognise that not all providers are ready to connect yet and taking the necessary steps to prepare for dashboards will be challenging for many. But time moves fast and with the programme now firmly in its delivery phase, compulsory staged onboarding for data providers will soon be upon us. 

I would strongly encourage all parts of the industry to start taking steps to prepare now – find out how in the data providers hub on the PDP website.

We will support you with that preparation in every way we can. We remain committed to operating in an open and transparent way, and will provide regular updates on what we learn during our testing process.

At PDP, we need to walk the line between the ambition to provide a fully-realised service to individuals and what we, together with the pensions industry, can realistically deliver. We know that some issues, such as estimated retirement income, generate a lot of debate. And we will do all we can to provide a positive solution, although we know that we cannot satisfy all parties.

I am repeatedly impressed by the dedication of the PDP team and proud to see the strides that the programme has made over the last six months. It may be a time of change but it is all progress. I hope you enjoy the report.

Chris Curry

Chris Curry

Principal of the Pensions Dashboards Programme

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