Code of connection

The code of connection sets out how data providers and dashboards providers are to connect to the dashboards ecosystem and what they need to do to remain connected. It details the mandatory requirements that must be met, as well as the recommended ways in which participants should implement them.

The code of connection will combine the required security and operational standards, which ecosystem participants will have to adhere to. It will provide a standard of expected behaviour to protect all ecosystem participants.  

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Connection process and guidance

The connection process and guidance sets out what connecting to the ecosystem will involve and explains what qualifying pensions dashboard services (QPDS) and pension providers should expect when connecting and the steps they will need to take. It also provides guidance on the likely duration of each step. 

Download the connection process and guidance

This July 2022 publication is to aide responses to the pensions dashboards standards consultation, as well as contributing to preparation for dashboards.

Download the code of connection