Technical standards

The technical standards are what data and dashboard providers will use to interface with the central technical architecture and/or each other. They will define the open APIs for find and view, PDP’s profile of the user managed access (UMA) protocol and the format of the pension identifier (PeI). 

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Technical standards documentation

The technical documentation referred to in the technical standards is available below:

API standard

Published: August 2022

This document outlines the API baseline design for PDP specific API and includes sequence diagrams detailing each interaction. Each API is broken down in the following way:

  • a summary of each API
  • authorisation
  • expected responses
  • hosting
  • HTTP method
  • error handling
  • format

Find JSON schema

Published: June 2022

Details the Find API metadata

Open API

Published: August 2022

Provides the API contracts in a machine readable format in v3.0.0 and v3.1.0

View JSON schema

Published: June 2022

Details the View API metadata

This July 2022 publication is to aide responses to the pensions dashboards standards consultation, as well as contributing to preparation for dashboards.

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