The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has issued a written ministerial statement providing an update on the publication of connection guidance which includes the new staging timeline for connecting to pensions dashboards.

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How PDP is engaging with industry

The Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) continues to collaborate with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), regulators and industry across a range of areas to deliver dashboards. PDP has been working closely with around 20 volunteer participant organisations on preparing for connection. This group is building a direct route to connect to the dashboards ecosystem, as well as helping to further refine process and ensuring connection is made as smooth as possible for wider industry. PDP also values the feedback from volunteer participants on the updated draft data standards, which will be published in due course.

Volunteer participantsISPAdministratorPension provider
CTC Pensions TechnologyYesNoNo
Dunstan ThomasYesNoNo
Equisoft Pension FusionYesNoNo
ITM - Pension FusionYesNoNo
Legal & GeneralNoYesYes
People's Partnership (B&CE)NoNoYes
Royal LondonNoNoYes
Smart PensionNoNoYes
St James's Place (SJP)/ SS&CYesNoNo
True Potential PensionNoNoYes

PDP lead a range of groups and forums to get input from industry on dashboards to shape connection processes and guidance. These include:

  • the connection forum, which is an open forum including volunteer participants and wider industry covering issues relating to connecting to the dashboards ecosystem. This group give industry an opportunity to ask questions on connection
  • the dashboards providers forum, for those interested in developing and hosting a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated dashboard
  • PDP discussion forums are held with interested parties to explore particular topics related to dashboards that have generated questions and where clarification has been sought, such as on value data requirements and additional voluntary contributions (AVCs). the programme will continue to host discussion forums in 2024, based on feedback received from industry

PDP also collaborates with industry through various working groups, which currently include:

  • the connection delivery group, which looks at testing and refining processes and solutions with volunteer participants building a direct connection to the ecosystem. The programme intends to share materials, including updated standards, with this group for initial comments before publication. PDP will work with this group primarily to better inform the design of the connection service, enhance the delivery support model, finalise changes to documents (including standards), and share insight with other teams to action change and produce necessary content
  • PDP’s communications groups with industry meet monthly with representatives from integrated service providers (ISPs), administrators, and pension providers and schemes who work in communications, engagement, public relations, marketing, non-technical or similar roles. These groups gather feedback on how the programme communicates with industry and help steer future content
  • PDP will also launch a user testing and planning group early this year involving industry representatives, to help plan and co-ordinate user testing activity that will inform when dashboards may become publicly available

PDP will share information about its plans for user testing as those plans are developed and agreed with input from industry. The programme will regularly share updates and insights from user testing activity once it has got underway.

PDP also plans to set up a connection working group for potential dashboard providers in 2024, once FCA rules have been finalised.

How to participate

To register you interest in joining one of PDP’s forums please email [email protected].

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Published: 16 January 2024

Last updated: 19 January 2024

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