Timeline & next steps


Implementing pensions dashboards is a significant undertaking and is constrained by several dependencies including legislation, availability of an identity service and the development of the ISP market which will all impact delivery timelines. Given the scale and complexity of the UK pensions industry, a staged approach to onboarding of providers and schemes will be necessary.

Pensions dashboards will only be made publicly available when:

  • the security of the ecosystem is fully assured.
  • the user experience has been extensively and robustly tested. 
  • user behaviours have been understood and any adverse impacts or unintended consequences mitigated.
  • the right rules and regulations are in place.
  • the service has enough coverage of pension providers/schemes and enough information about those pensions so that it has been proved to meet a user need and be useful to a significant majority of people.

April to October 2020

A priority element is the development of the data standards with which pension providers and schemes will have to comply. We have set out our current thinking on this in two documents:  

Data Scope Working Paper setting out options for achieving comprehensive coverage across all pension sectors to deliver an acceptable early breadth of coverage for individuals.

A Data Definitions Working Paper listing the set of data items that could be included in the dashboards data standards. 

The Data Scope document addresses the breadth of coverage and the Data Definitions document explores the depth of information dashboards could show. 

In addition, we will:

  • specify our requirements for the high-level design of the core service – the Pension Finder Service and the Governance Register.
  • work closely with Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), The Pensions Regulator (TPR) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as the legislation and rules are developed.
  • establish a consumer working group with consumer representatives and potential dashboard providers (including the Money and Pensions Service) to ensure that service design is based on robust user testing.
  • work with the Digital Identity Unit, and industry colleagues, to further develop the requirements for the Identity Verification Service and will be carrying out market engagement with industry experts to explore potential solutions.
  • start to engage with the potential Integrated Service Providers (ISP) market to understand the solutions they may bring which could help the programme.

Read our Progress Update Report for more information on the work we are doing on pensions dashboards.