Pensions dashboards: information for data providers

UK-based pension providers, schemes, trusts and administration software providers operating on their behalf, will all supply data to the pensions dashboards ecosystem.

For this to work, data providers need to:

  • prepare data for connection
  • create the appropriate find and view interfaces
  • ensure they are operating within the necessary standards and regulations

To support data providers in their preparations, the following content contains further detail about what providers need to do, relevant detail on timing and how the ecosystem will work. We will add to these resources, as the programme progresses.

Icon representing a database and a cog

Key dates for providers

With a diagram showing the key dates for data providers plus detail on the programme activity over the next six months that will feed into provider activity, our key dates will help providers know when they need to take action.

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Steps to connection

We’ve set out what data providers need to do to connect to dashboards within each phase of the programme in our steps to connection.

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Identity service

Our identity service hub provides you with all you need to know about how we will prove users are who they say they are, within the pensions dashboards ecosystem. We explain more about how verification and authentication work, plus PDP’s approach to sourcing an identity service.

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Data standards

Our introduction to data standards provides an overview of how data will flow through the ecosystem. With an introduction to both find and view data, it also contains the full data standards guide for initial dashboards.

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We explain each part of the ecosystem, so you can understand the part it plays in making pensions dashboards work.

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Staging call for input summary

In May 2021, PDP issued a call for input on staging ie the order and timing of when data providers will connect to the pensions dashboard ecosystem. The summary of responses from this call for input on staging provides a round-up of the key themes from feedback on the proposals.

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We try to explain everything as clearly as possible but if you ever need to check what something means, we’ve provided this glossary, which covers many of the technical terms that relate to pensions dashboards.

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